Sounds The following fife and drum tunes were recorded on 20 January 2003 by the First Minnesota's field music.

Low Quality MP3 Recordings

1812 232KB
Three Camps 142KB
Assembly 32KB
Church Call 177KB
Drummer's Call 52KB
Finnigan's Granny 238KB
Frog in the Well 234KB
Jefferson and Liberty 211KB

Higher Quality MP3 Recording

1812 1.2MB
Three Camps 753KB
Adjutant's Call 547KB
Assembly 169KB
Church Call 940KB
Drummer's Call 276KB
Finnigan's Granny 1.2MB
Frog in the Well 1.2MB
Jefferson and Liberty 1MB

The following are sung by Gene Henrickson
Johnny Fill up the Bowl 292KB
Lincoln & Liberty, Too 175KB